Thank you for your interest in joining a LifeGroup at GracePoint Church!

Everyone wants to belong somewhere. Introverted, extroverted or somewhere-in-between, we all desire connection. I remember as a child watching the TV show Cheers, whenever Norm walked into the bar everyone yelled "NORM!" At our core, we all want that, to be known by others.It's in our DNA. In the early chapters of Genesis as our world is just beginning, God looks at Adam and tells him it is not good for Adam to be alone. We were created for relationship, both with God and with each other.

If you are looking for connection...scratch that, since we are all looking for connection, I would encourage you to join a LifeGroup.

Because we all want to be connected. Even you.


At GracePoint Church, we believe that one of the most effective ways for people to be connected is through LifeGroups.  We encourage everyone in our church to be engaged in some type of LifeGroup.  Not all LifeGroups will look the same, but each one is centered around movement toward relationships.  The simplest way to state it is: Movement Toward Each Other, Movement Toward God, Movement Toward our Community.


This is the place to find weekly questions that will be a part of your LifeGroup.  It’s set up on a blog.  So, you can easily look back to previous weeks if you’d like to reflect on the questions or catch up with a week you missed.


Find training video posts to learn more about hosting, review tips and tools from Kevin, our Community Life Pastor, preview upcoming events and service opportunities for  your group.