LifeGroups - F.A.Q.

LifeGroups - F.A.Q.

How are LifeGroups put together?

We accomplish that primarily in three ways:

1st, an all church sign up. Every second Sunday in September we have a large church sign up and that is where most of our LifeGroups begin.

2nd, you can find a LifeGroup online! NOTE: LifeGroups take a break from June – August. So, if you don’t see a link to find a LifeGroup, check back the third week of September – May and you will be able to search and find a group online.

3rd, sign up at an event. Through out the year we will have events that are sponsored by LifeGroups. At the end of those events, there will be an opportunity to sign up for a new LifeGroup.

What do we do and how long do they last?

Our LifeGroups are relationship driven. The goal is that participants are challenged to move closer to God, move closer to each other and move closer to our community. We try to give opportunities weekly to accomplish each of these goals. Most groups are sermon based meaning we discuss questions from the previous week’s sermon. The questions allow us to get to know each other and challenge us to grow closer to God.

Our Groups have two sessions, one that starts in the Fall and one that starts in the Spring. Groups generally meet either weekly or every other week.

Who will be in my LifeGroup and where will we meet?

Typically our LifeGroups have all walks of life in a group. We do have some specific age/stage groups but most of them are cross generational with both married, singles, parents all in one group. The one distinction we make is that some groups have kids in attendance, meaning the children come to the house and play in the other room, and some groups are just adults only.

Our groups meet all week in a variety of locations. We try to place people geographically since we are a regional church. More questions? Email! We would love to help you.