GracePoint Kids


We know how hard it is to get out the door with your family. Our desire is to make the check in process simple for you. If it's your first visit to GracePoint, park in the Family Parking area and enter through the double doors facing HWY 303. Just inside that door you will find a friendly volunteer, ready to help you check in and find the Kids' Center for elementary age students or the nursery for little ones.

Every child will have a printed name tag with a number. Parents receive a printed tag with that same number. You need to present your tag when you come to pick up your child from their small group classroom or the nursery. If you decide to come regularly we will give you a key fob. This will allow you to check your kids in at any of the self-checkin stations. To make things a little easier, our hallways are color-coordinated with our age-group classrooms:

  • Green = Nursery.
  • Purple = Preschool.
  • Orange = Elementary

    If you're unable to make it to Church, join us online for our Kids’ Service on Sundays at 9am



    Volunteer Step 1

    Let us know you are interested by completing this brief form.  We require references and a background check.  Why?  We are crazy about kids and want to make certain they are safe and in good hands

    Volunteer Step 2

    Complete “on-the-job” training.  You will shadow a veteran volunteer for a few weeks.  You will also attend an annual 1/2 day training at some point during the year (this does not have to happen before you begin volunteering).

    Volunteer Step 3

    Receive a password and log in to Planning Center.  This is the way we schedule volunteers and make sure each classroom is well staffed for every Sunday morning and every special event.  Generally, our volunteers serve once each month.


    Perpetual Kanyemba

    Safety is our number one priority in GracePoint Kids' classrooms. We strive for this in our check-in/check-out procedures, screening our volunteers, and maintaining a well-child facility.We will not release a child to anyone without the sticker you received upon check-in with the child's number printed on it. If you lose your sticker you will need to find me, Pepe Kanyemba, so that we can check alternative forms of I.D. before you pick up your child. We also ask for parent cell phone during check-in so that we can contact you in case of emergency.We want our classrooms to be safe and fun for each child. To help maintain this atmosphere we ask that children displaying symptoms of contagious illness be kept away from classrooms. Specific examples of these symptoms are available in our classrooms. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.