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Welcome to a New LifeGroup Session!

Before we jump into our study, let’s take a moment to remember that there are THREE things we want to see happen every time our LifeGroups gather:

– Movement towards Each Other
– Movement towards God
– Movement towards our Community

Our questions follow this same format. All of the questions are designed towards movement. We hope you enjoy your time together in your LifeGroup.
**Remember, our goal is to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other. Use the questions that are help and skip the rest.

Dream House – Blueprints to a healthy and happy home

This series will take us on a room-to-room tour, beginning in the kitchen and ending in the garage. Each room represents either a life stage or a set of principles for a healthy and happy home.

Last Week:
What is your calling from God? How can you focus on it instead of your circumstances this week?
Read Isaiah 40:28-31 every day this week.

Two Weeks Ago:
Have bad things in your past caused you to be distant from God? Talk to Him about it this week.
Read Psalm 46:1-3 every day this week.

Key Verse:

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Movement Towards Each Other (know the people in your group)
How many places have you lived in your lifetime?

Movement Towards God (grow in your relationship with God)
Checking in
How are you doing?
How have the events of the last week impacted your life?
What are your biggest concerns right now?
How are you your neighbors doing?

Discussion Questions:
What location has been your favorite place to live?
What did you like so much about that home?
What is your favorite room in your current house?
If you could remodel one room in your current house, which would it be?
What are the must have’s in a dream kitchen?
Why do you think the kitchen is generally the gathering place in the home?
What kind of memories do you have of your kitchen when you were a kid?
What was your mom’s favorite thing to make?
What was the least favorite (it’s ok, we won’t tell)?
Read Proverbs 31:10-12; Ephesians 5:22-6:4
What are the characteristics of a healthy marriage?
What do these verses say about how they treat each other?
How do the actions of the husband and wife in how they treat each other impact the kids?
In a household, why is our relationship with God more important than our relationship with our spouse?
Why is the marriage relationship more important than the kids?
Why is getting this right so important?
What happens when those things get out of order?
How do marriages today have an impact on marriages tomorrow, especially in the home?
How is a healthy marriage foundational for a healthy home?

Movement Towards Community (they see the change in you)
If you are married, what is something that you can do today to encourage your spouse?
If you are single, who is a married couple that you could write a short note to both of them telling them what you appreciate about their marriage?

Checking In Each Time We Meet: