1. Understand Our PLAYBOOK

There are many churches in Kitsap County, each with a unique calling from God.
We are no different. If you have been in our lobby then you probably have seen our mission statement “Helping people meet, know and follow Jesus”. We want you to understand what that means to us as a church AND… how that applies to you as someone who is a part of our church. To do that, we created a series of videos called NEXT. We would love for you to take this journey with us. Just clink on the link to get started!

2. Know Your TEAMMATES

Are there three people at GracePoint Church, not related to you, that know who you are?
We hope your answer is “yes” but if not, we want to help get you connected! We were created for relationship, both with God and with each other. There are a variety of ways to live in relationship with others here at GPC. We think one of the best ways is to get involved with a LifeGroup. If you can’t find a group, maybe we can come alongside of you and help you start one! It all starts with clicking the link below.

3. Get In THE GAME

Psalm 139 says that you and I are uniquely created. God has a purpose for your life! We believe that if God has called you to GracePoint to be a part of our church, then there is a reason you are here! We want to help you ENGAGE here at our church. Maybe you can serve in a ministry, take a class to help you grow, or something else. Think of it this way, where do you want to be six months from now in your relationship with God? It may be taking one step forward, it may be many steps… but definitely take a step and see what God does in your life.