Missing Peace – Finding Peace When I am Waiting (week 2)

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Welcome to a New LifeGroup Session!

Before we jump into our study, let’s take a moment to remember that there are THREE things we want to see happen every time our LifeGroups gather:

– Movement towards Each Other
– Movement towards God
– Movement towards our Community

Our questions follow this same format. All of the questions are designed towards movement. We hope you enjoy your time together in your LifeGroup.
**Remember, our goal is to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other. Use the questions that are help and skip the rest.


Where in the world is peace found these days? We do not see peace in our country, homes, relationships, and the world! This missing peace can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Last Week: Do you know God’s Perfect Peace? How can you live in that this week?

Two Weeks Ago:  Are there things about you that you think God screwed up? How can you be more appreciative of the way God made you?

Key Verse:

From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him.” Isaiah 64:4

Movement Towards Each Other (know the people in your group)
What is your limit to wait to get into a restaurant?

Movement Towards God (grow in your relationship with God)
Have you ever waited in line for “Black Friday” shopping?
What were you trying to buy?
Was it worth the wait?
What is the longest you have waited to ride something at an amusement park?
Was it worth it?
Why are we so impatient?
Where is one place in your life where you are very patient?
Where are you least patient?
What makes the difference in your tolerance level?
Galatians 4:4-5; Psalm 130:5; Psalm 40:1
Have you ever felt like your prayers aren’t being heard?
What is the hardest part about waiting for God’s Plan to unfold?
How does hope help us with peace while we wait?
Why does God want us to wait?
What is the danger in “wasting” the waiting?
How does that benefit us?
On Sunday Barry said “just because God is silent doesn’t mean He is absent”. Do you believe that? Why?
Read Proverbs 3:5-6; Jeremiah 29:11
What does it mean for you to trust in the Lord and not in what you think about it?
What is the promise in this passage?
Is “knowing” that God knows what His Plans are for you enough?
What does it mean to have peace in the patience?
Read Isaiah 64:4
Where is God calling you to “wait” in your life right now?
How can you apply God’s Peace to your situation?

Movement Towards Community (they see the change in you)
Can you thank God this week for the waiting? What would it look like if you did?

Checking In Each Time We Meet: