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Welcome to a New LifeGroup Session!

Before we jump into our study, let’s take a moment to remember that there are THREE things we want to see happen every time our LifeGroups gather:

– Movement towards Each Other
– Movement towards God
– Movement towards our Community

Our questions follow this same format. All of the questions are designed towards movement. We hope you enjoy your time together in your LifeGroup.
**Remember, our goal is to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other. Use the questions that are help and skip the rest.

Chasing Carrots

What really makes for a happy life? A dream job, a bigger house, or a new relationship? If you’re always hungry for the next big thing, but frustrated because it never seems to satisfy, you might be Chasing Carrots. It’s time to hop off the treadmill and chase after something real. This five-week series is about the things people commonly chase after that only bring fleeting happiness, fulfillment, or validation.

Last Week:
Go this whole week and don’t take any credit for anything.
Let your words and actions point people back to God.

Two Weeks Ago:
Take some time this week and read Luke 12:15-21 and answer these questions:
Where is your treasure? How would your friends answer that about you?

Key Verse:

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23

Movement Towards Each Other (know the people in your group)
What is something you are really good at doing?

Movement Towards God (grow in your relationship with God)
If you had one day to experience the perfect day, what would you do on that day?
Have you ever had a perfect day? Perfect moment?
Where do you see people striving for perfection?
If you could be better at one thing, what would it be?
Where is the pressure to be “perfect”, or maybe to be better than “….”?
When you are on social media/TV/etc, do you feel better or worse about yourself when you are done?
What is our metric for perfection?
What should be our metric for perfection?
Read Romans 3:20-23
Why is the pursuit of earthly perfection impossible?
What does it mean that “all fall short”?
Why is that so freeing for us?
Read Romans 3:24
How are we made perfect?
How does that help us in our pursuit of earthly perfection?
Read John 15:4-5
In what area do you tend to be most critical of yourself?
As a follower of Christ, how do we grow in those areas where we fall short?
Who is the source of our growth?
How is that helpful for us to know?
Read Luke 10:41-42
What does it mean to choose peace over performance?
What does that look like in your life?
How can you apply that this week?

Movement Towards Community (they see the change in you)
What is one thing in your life where you will choose peace over performance this week?

Checking In Each Time We Meet: