I said YES to JESUS

Congratulations on saying YES to Jesus!

At GracePoint Church , we are all about helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus.
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We are so thrilled that you have recently said YES to Jesus as your Lord and Savior!

Not only will this decision greatly impact the rest of your life on earth, but it will greatly impact your eternity. Why? The instant you trusted in Jesus as your Savior, you were adopted into the family of God, forever!

The following resources will help you learn, grow, and understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We have chosen several PLANS to help you. These plans can be done separately or simultaneously. The key is to take your time and not rush. I’d rather you marinate on what you are learning instead of speeding through these plans and end up retaining little in the process. Here are your step-by-step instructions:

Plan One: First Step for New Believers

Plan One: First Step for New Believers

• Download the YouVersion Bible App

• On the bottom of the app, click on the Plans button

• Locate Find Plans on top of page and type in:

First Steps for New Believers

– Then click Start Plan

• This 7-day devotional will help you learn and understand what it means to follow Jesus,
how to read the Bible, how to pray, and how to hear from God, etc.

Plan Two: Overview of the Bible

• Download the Through the Word App

• On the bottom left, click on the Browse button

• On the Bible Journey’s button, click on 1/Start

This plan will give you a brief overview of the Bible

– Each day, you will listen/read one chapter of the Bible so you can see the grand story of God
and how it all fits together

– I would encourage you to listen to the audio on Day 1 so you will hear how to best use
the Journey 1 plan

After completing the Journey 1 plan, you are now equipped to start going through other plans the Through the Word App offers.