Porch Parties

When are the dates?

July 10, 24 and August 7, 21

all dates are Sunday evenings from 6-8pm


How do I sign up?

Click on the link and sign up for one of the porch parties. The host will send you the address.


Can I bring anything? 

Nope. Ok your winning personality but beyond that, we got it covered


Can I go to more than one? 

Ok party people, please just sign up once so more people can attend


What if I don’t know anyone?

Everyone, including you, will have a name tag


What will we do?

Remember your Junior High dance? Yeah it’s NOTHING like that!!! We will have fun eating some food, maybe play some games like corn hole or lawn darts (ok maybe not lawn darts), and talk to people. There probably won’t be any dancing.


What if I have kids?

There are two options. Mainly this is an adult event so you can get to know other adults, so if you can get a sitter, then enjoy a few hours of adult conversation with no one pulling on your pant leg asking to go to the bathroom. If that isn’t an option, we’ve got a host that has kids too so for that one location, bring the kids.


What happens if it’s full?

Sign up early because space is limited. If there are no more spaces at that house, try a different one. Once they are full, they are full so please, please, please, if you sign up, show up.


Can I host a porch party?

Email kevin@gracepointchurch.com or katherine@gracepointchurch.com and let’s talk