30 Pieces of Silver, The Judas in All of Us – What Would You Trade Jesus for? (week 1)

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Welcome Back!!!

Welcome to a New LifeGroup Session!

Before we jump into our study, let’s take a moment to remember that there are THREE things we want to see happen every time our LifeGroups gather:

– Movement towards Each Other
– Movement towards God
– Movement towards our Community

Our questions follow this same format. All of the questions are designed towards movement. We hope you enjoy your time together in your LifeGroup.
**Remember, our goal is to deepen our relationship with Jesus and each other. Use the questions that are help and skip the rest.

CURRENT SERIES: 30 Pieces of Silver, The Judas in all of us

We’d all like to think we’re nothing like Judas the betrayer, who traded Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. An honest look at our hearts reveals, however, that we all have things we trade for Christ every day. Whether it’s comfort, power, control, or some other idol, we all make our exchanges. As we approach Easter, this series invites us to repent and treasure Christ above every idol and temptation.

Last Week: In what ways are you generous with God’s resources? Is there an area where you are holding back?

Two Weeks Ago: What would it look like for you to live with an abundance mentality this week? Read Mark 6:30-42 this week and talk to God about what you have in abundance. 

Key Verse:

and said, “What will you give me if I deliver him over to you?” And they paid him thirty pieces of silver. 16 And from that moment he sought an opportunity to betray him.” Matthew 26:15–16

Movement Towards Each Other (know the people in your group)
If you could trade something you have on you right now, what would it be?

Movement Towards God (grow in your relationship with God)
If you could trade out one piece of furniture in your house for something better, what would it be?
What makes us want to trade something we already have for something else?
What is the upside? The downside?
If you could trade out a habit you currently have for something else, what would it be?
How is trading behavior different than trading furniture?
What do we hope to gain by trading?
Read John 15:4:5
What does it mean to “abide” in Christ?
What happens when we do?
What is significant about the roles in this passage? Why can’t we be the vine?
Read Galatians 5:22-23
What do we get when we abide in Christ?
Which one of these “fruits” is most appealing?
Which one is the hardest?
Read Galatians 5:19-21a; Colossians 3:8-9
What is the appeal of trading out the Fruit of the Spirit for sin?
If we know it is bad for us, why do we do it?
Read Colossians 5:11-17; Galatians 5:22-23
How is the Fruit of the Spirit better for us?
How is it better for those around us?
Read Matthew 27:3-4; 26:74-75
What is the difference between regret and repentance?
Why is that distinction important?
How did Peter show it?
Read 2 Corinthians 7:10
Why is repentance important?
How does regret keep us stuck?
Read John 10:10
What is Jesus offering?
How can you lean into that this week?

Movement Towards Community (they see the change in you)
Read John 10:10; 15:4-5 this week. Is there sin in your life you are holding on to instead of what Christ is offering? What would it look like to abide in Him this week?

Checking In Each Time We Meet: