Become a Member

Thank you for pursuing church membership! We have created an online membership class that will walk you through who we are as a church and how you fit in here at GracePoint.

It’s about being in alignment so you can engage with us in what God is calling us to do as a church. At the end of each “session” there are a few questions for you to answer. Once you answer those questions you move forward to the next session. There are nine total. You can go at your own pace but start to finish the whole thing will take less time than a Netflix movie and will be waaaay more informative :-)

We are excited to walk with you in your journey to be a member here at GracePoint Church!!!

Have you ever wondered why, in all the places in the world, God has placed you here in Kitsap County? Have you ever wondered why of all the churches, God led you here to GracePoint? Would you like to gain some insight to those questions and a few more that you may not have thought about yet?

We want you to join us on a journey that will answer all of those questions and so much more. This online, go at your own pace class will give you insight as to why you are here, why we are here, and how all of that fits together here at GracePoint.

The journey begins with a simple click. We will see you inside.