Are you CRAZY?!?!!!

Come on...that thought popped into your head the moment you decided to click on this page!

In order to have more LifeGroups we need people to host them.  Wait, wait, wait, don't stop reading yet.  Give me a second.  You've got a million reasons to say no, I've got one for  you to say yes.

Ready?  Here it is:  You’re the person we've been searching for.  How do I know?  You are here aren't you?.  Look, I can give you lots of examples of how your life will be enriched by doing this.  LOTS.  So I'm making this commitment to you.  If you say "yes", we will be beside  you every step of the way.  And by every step I mean in an encouraging way, not that creepy-stalking-leave-me-alone kind of way.

Click on the link below and we will send you more information that you can watch in your robe and fuzzy slippers.  A few weeks later we will follow up, answer your questions and then, if  you still aren't convinced, then say no.  But we both know that is just crazy talk.